Short Story excerpt


(c) Fay Hauser-Price

Oedipus was not ordinary. He practiced his counting when other boys played. He learned what he could about the stars and their journey across the sky when other boys slept. He mastered the art of wrestling and prided himself in being quick witted and cleaver when a question was asked. Most of the time, he outsmarted his brothers when they played hide and find; solving riddles poised by the elders.

He sat at the old men’s feet around the fire and listened to the tales of a far off land across the sea to the south and west. A land filled with riches, gold, beautiful gemstones, rock buildings that pointed to the sky, beautiful women and people of glistening black skin! A land of fierce warriors, strong families, and scholars holding the knowledge of the world written on what was called papyrus rather then just told from person to person or painted on bowls as pictures.

These stories fascinated the young Oedipus and like many a teenage boy, he dreamed of getting away from his sheepherder life, and being the man his father said he would never measure up to be.