Check Race Here 

Short Story excerpt


(c) Fay Hauser-Price


They didn’t live near nobody in particular and Don won’t due back for a few days yet. What was she to do? She was scared to be in that cabin by herself now. She was only 15 and hadn’t really seen much birthing, being the youngest in the family. Her momma had died getting her out of her womb and that fact didn’t ease Addie Mae’s mind one bit right now!

Addie Mae’s mama was a slave. And everybody said her “daddy” lived in the big house. “Massa”. It was the fashion of the day for the White slave holder to make slaves instead of buying them. It was cheaper, and for the man a whole lot more pleasurable than shelling out cash. The Bible didn’t have anything against it and Abraham birthed Ishmael from his servant, Hagar, in the same way. (continues)